Zoom’s 5.0 Update Improves Encryption, Adds Meeting Security Features


As the COVID-19 virus spread across the globe, the business landscape was forced to make a number of swift changes. Almost overnight, the video conferencing app Zoom becomes the go-to option to hold lessons, business meetings, and sensitive discussions. The surge in popularity, the firm was also bombarded for issues related to its privacy and security flaws.

Zoom has announced a host of security enhancements with its 5.0 update. The new version comes with AES 256-bit GCM encryption standard, which increases protection for meeting data and improvements in protection against hacking. Although this is not the end-to-end encryption that Zoom erroneously said it had implemented, but it’s an improvement for the transmission of meeting data.

Come with this new update is also a security icon that groups together a number of Zoom’s security features. You can use it to quickly lock meetings, remove participants, and restrict screen sharing and chatting in meetings.

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Source: www.thenextweb.com