Website Development

The best online presentation for your organization or project

Our process of developing a website follows the principles of the AGILE methodology. We make sure that we have a solid understanding of the project and its purpose before we provide a customized solution tailored to your team’s and workflow requirements. 

Project Road Map

Websites built

Leverage our experience to use the right combination of elements for your website, for a successful implementation, in less time. 

Our CMS of choice is WordPress and WooCommerce. We use existing free and paid plugins to extend the default functionality. We also build plug-ins if needed, when existing solutions are slow or aren’t a good fit.

Existing project? Each website needs to be built and maintained. In today’s quick pace environment, websites need to be maintained to stay both relevant and secure.

Modules / Plug-ins

Get an idea of the many functions that modern websites can have.

Prevent malware infections and brute force logins

Optimize the loading speed of the website for a better user experience.

Google recommends a loading speed of under 2 seconds for commercial websites.

Optimize the website’s content for search engines.

  • Display a contact form.
  • Prevent bots from flooding your inbox with spam requests.
  • Keep daily backups of files and content
  • Keep revisions of content
  • Which language do you need besides your main language?
  • Human or machine translated?
  • Is the translated website an exact mirror?
  • Will you display products?
  • Do you want to sell them (eventually)?
  • What payment options will you offer?

Do you organize events on a regular basis?

  • Do you want certain content only available to your customers?
  • Do they have to pay to get access automatically?
  • Add newsletter opt-in
  • Consider new privacy laws
  • Integration with your shopping cart

*) we consider these basic modules that every website needs, which is why we always add them.

Getting Started

Take the survey so we know roughly what you want. We will then have a conversation and go from there.
Note that the survey touches on all subjects, but sections can be skipped if they don’t apply.

Please take around 15 minutes to fill out your requirements. We will contact you within one business day.

On a budget?

We use our experience to make sure a project can stay within the allocated budget. At first, when creating the specifications for the project and estimating the time it takes. And second, we bill every week for the hours worked prior, so there are no unexpected high bills.