Update: Let’s Encrypt Extends Support for Android 7 or Older Devices for Three Years

Back in November, Let’s Encrypt an open certificate authority announced an end to its partnership with Identrust and to “Standing on Our Own Two Feet – Let’s Encrypt”. The supposed part ways will cause compatibility issues with Android 7.1.1 or older to not be able to access HTTPS websites. 

In its new announcement, Let’s Encrypt has found a solution that has extended Android compatibility for its certificates for older phones allowing for continued safe web browsing. Let’s Encrypt and IdenTrust partnership has been renewed, which means that older Android devices will keep running smoothly without compatibility issues for another three years.

IdenTrust has agreed to cross-sign for Let’s Encrypt’s ISRG Root X1 certificate from its DST Root CA X3 certificate until 2024. This gives Let’s Encrypt its users “a chain which contains both ISRG Root X1 and DST Root CA X3, ensuring uninterrupted service to all users and avoiding the potential breakage we have been concerned about.”

The said new chain will take effect in late January or early February of next year.