Slow websites get slapped by Google: Keep investing in fast loading websites

In a post on the Chromium Blog on Monday, Google has reported a future feature that will notify users when a site may load slowly, while it will reward those sites that offer fast experiences with a clear badging.

“Badging is intended to identify when sites are authored in a way that makes them slow generally, looking at historical load latencies,” members of the Chrome team wrote.

In the future feature, when you visit a slow website, you will be shown a message saying “Usually loads slow” on the loading screen with a blue-colored progress indicator. While for the website that typically loads fast, you will see a green progress indicator.

Google is currently experimenting with a new system to identify the speed at which websites are loaded in Chrome. This is to help the users to know if a page loads quickly or slowly. Google’s intention is to show the user a status that lets them know when a page is likely to be slow depending on their device and network conditions.

However, Google says its plan to identify sites that are fast or slow will take place in gradual steps. And based on increasingly stringent criteria that may include other factors besides speed.

In any case, Google encouraging developers to begin optimizing the performance of their pages. To learn about performance best practices, check out at – 5 Steps on how to get your website load fast.