Update Your Timesheet From Any Device and at the Same Time

The latest version 2.2.0 supports updating your timesheet from any device and even updating it at the same time.

Before, you could only update your timesheet from one device at a time, but now you can have your timesheet open on your mobile phone and your desktop, even in multiple tabs of your browser. If you make changes on one device, it will update seamlessly on the other device within a few seconds. The same goes for multiple tabs. This makes for an even more reliable time tracking experience.

And even though it’s still not recommended to just open many tabs with Timesheetr (as it clutters your experience), it’s now optional. Instead of requiring you to work a certain way, Timesheetr now works the way you decide to work. And that’s how software should be: Don’t make me think! Which reminds me of a great book about usability with the same title.


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