Refreshed Interface

Version 2.7.0 brings many small updates together in an improved interface that just feels better. A lot of time has gone into the little details such as the new work-time chart, comment section and background images. Budgets and comments are now visible behind a more… button. When auto-saving, a subtle gradient animation is displayed on the block that’s being saved. The mouse cursor displays a hand if something can be dragged.

Mobile support has been further improved with a small animation that indicates you can scroll on the left side of the page.

Instead of a random mountain or water picture you can now get a picture that only changes once a day or once a week, to keep a more consistent picture. There are also more categories to choose from. If you like a picture, you can now follow a link to it from the bottom of the screen. The unsplash ocean picture was no longer available and has been replaced by a new one.

All users without a theme or background picture have received a one-time good default.

On the privacy side, Google fonts was part of some of the Bootswatch themes and those fonts have been removed from all of them. This means the interface loads faster and no potential tracking cookie. You might see a slight difference in fonts though, but generally the difference is really quite small. Timesheetr does NOT use Google Analytics for many years. We’re privacy focussed, just like our hosting companies Hensel Hosting and Code Orange (World Wide Cloud Hosting for Agencies).