Progress Bars and Theme Updates

Progress bars

Progress bars were added to the Timesheet so you can see how you’re doing for today’s planning and how you’re doing for the planned hours for the billing period.

We use percentages and colors to show your progress. For the billing period progress bar, there are different colors indicating how you’re doing: red (under 40%), yellow (under 90%), green (over 90%). These colors are based on calculations of the hours up to and including the day you’re viewing. So you can still get green on day 1, even though you’re most likely under 90% of the billing period, because we calculate based on the planned hours up until that day.

Theme updates

  • Color updates for Cosmo theme
  • Deprecated themes that were hardly used.
    If you had one of those themes already selected, make sure you don’t switch to another theme.
  • Fix progress bar pop-ups for Paper theme