New Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates – Free SSL But Beware

We offer Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for a few years now so that together we make the internet more secure. By removing the barrier that SSL certificates cost money, and by easily installing them by pressing a button in the control panel, there is virtually no reason not to use SSL anymore.

It is good to know that every SSL certificate that is generated is included in a public index, which means that hackers are aware of your (new) domain within 30 minutes.

Why is this important? If you are installing WordPress just at that time and hackers can detect it, they can complete your installation in one second at a time, install a backdoor and reset the installation, so that you are not aware of anything.

So we recommend: use an SSL certificate but install WordPress immediately and not after half an hour. If you want to be completely sure, you first install WordPress and then the SSL certificate later, but then you have a little extra work.

Install now via the control panel