Basecamp To-do’s and More

Since version 1.10.6 it’s possible to select a to-do item from the New Basecamp project you select in the dropdown. This will make it faster to enter details and makes time entry more consistent. This will also make sure that descriptions on the invoice will match those to-do items in Basecamp.

Other recent improvements:

  • Allow hourly rate overrides per project and per user. It’s also possible to override rates for a specific user for a specific project. When doing billing for a client, you will see a break down of each users work and the total billable.
  • Planning items now have an urgent and completed checkbox, which will be displayed on the planning and top-right corner on the timesheet in the appropriate colors.
  • Improved hourly reminder browser notifications
  • Improved performance for slow connections (disables google, gravatar and more for extra fast loading speeds or in case of 3rd party website outages)
  • Planning email notifications